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Love It or List it Grand Rapids is a solution for you. Rebecca with REMAX Grand Rapids will visit your home with an eye for what would get top dollar if you were to list and sell. Likewise, Jess with Delight in Designs will also visit your home and walk you through all the reasons you should stay right where you're at. Jen with Treadstone Mortgage be waiting in the wings to answer any financing questions you may have regarding the remodel or a possible home purchase.


The three of us came together for our clients a way for a bigger picture to be seen through the lens of listing and selling your home or staying and remodeling. The foundation of the designs is for your home to tell your story. It's not just about making it pretty. It's about knowing who you are when you walk through your home.


Jess and Rebecca can come to your home together or we can come separately, whatever suits your schedule best. Plan on about an hour with each woman to receive personalized guidance to your decision.

Book your free session with Jess and Rebecca now!

Torn between selling your home or staying?

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